Baby Shower: April 2011


Sophia's Rocking Chair

What do you buy a 3 year old for her birthday? Barbies? Clothes? All of these are great ideas but I like to give something more meaningful. In the past I have made personal bird houses for each one of my family members (the bird houses looked like their actual houses).  I have made crafts boxes for the little members of my family and filled them with coloring books, crayons, markers, stickers and other things that they can play with. This coming week there is a very special birthday girl! So back to that question of what to buy? I bought a raw rocking chair. There was no paint on it and it needed some sanding done to it. After making it smooth with some putty and sand paper, I painted it over and over with white paint till it was evenly coated. Then, using a rubber stamp and black ink, I printed a paisley pattern on the seat of the chair. After I got the design correct I went over the black ink with different color acrylic paint. To finish it off, I painted her name on the top of the chair (this way her two other sisters won't steal it, hehe ). I hope she loves it!
Part Raw, Part White. The first stage of the project

In order to get all the spots of the chair you have to move and rotate the chair all around

Paisleys are painted!

Up close!

The Paisleys are pink, purple, and blue

Taa Daa!!!...almost just have to add a few details to the name

I added pink dots and blue line accents

Now it's all done!

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