Baby Shower: April 2011


More Past Events

 So back to the past. There are many more events that I still need to post. Tonight I thought I'd add a few more. First is Winterball 2005. I had this awesome idea of doing a winter wonderland, whites and blues, glitter, snow and turn it into a whimsical room. The one problem I had was selling my high school on 1) changing the location from a church hall where winterball took place EVERY year to another hall where 2)we would also have a full buffet dinner. In the past there was no food at winterball only snacky foods. Well the school liked the idea so I proceeded with my many decorating ideas. First, the invitations were created and I loved the way they came out. Blue snow flakes on white card stock topped with clear vellum that had the writing on them. The vellum was attached with white glitter glue. For the centrepieces my best friend and I cut down tree branches and spray painted them white with glitter. Last minute we decided to hang candy canes on the branches so that our fellow students could take them off and eat them as the night went by. Though all of these ideas were imagined to create the ultimate wonderland, a few weeks before the winterball  I went to look at the room again and the owners had hung up red, green and gold Christmas decorations! OH NO I thought! I was so mad I immediately asked them if they could take them down but they said no. So what was I suppose to do..? Make it work!
These were the menus for the table. We made a couple for each table and layed them around
View of half the room
Winter Tree
Another winter tree

The next event I did was my first baby shower! I was soooooo excited to do this, that I believe I went a little bit over board. Instead of using real flowers I chose silk ones. Typically I am strongly, strongggllllyyyy, against silk flowers but I had to urge to use them for this shower. I found these foam topiarys in Joann Fabrics and the silk flowers were from Michael's Craft Stores. After multiple trips to Michael's, I finally had enough flowers to complete 10 topiarys. For the invitations, I wanted something special and memorable. I used the baby's sonogram pictures, photocopied it, and used it as the back ground. I placed the sonogram on a piece of card stock using clear corners, this way the guests could take the picture out and keep it. For favors, we filled mini bottles with baby lotion. The top part of the bottom had a hole in it (like a real bottle), so guests could squeeze the cream out when needed. Also for the menu I wanted to have it typed on a 'baby' and the 'welcome'  be on a diaper that was on the baby.

Center pieces, Guests were able to take home. Mommy to be was able to put one in the nursery and now the baby has it!

View of the room

Close up of table setting


Baby menu, and favor in the top left corner

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