Baby Shower: April 2011


Glittered Skulls

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! This year I am going all out with decorations. I just can't resist Halloween stuff when I see it in the stores but some of my favorite decorations are the ones that I can create myself. I found these skulls at Michaels craft store.

They were 1.99 a piece and made from paper mache. I simply took Elmer's glue and covered them using the sponge brush. Then I drenched them with Martha Stewart Glitter. This one in the picture I used Crystal Snow glitter which is a white/translucent glitter. It made it look like a real skull! (thanks Gigi for the idea). Though I had glitter EVERYWHERE in the apartment I am so glad that I made them. I am actually going back to get more to make.

Here are the steps to create them.
1. Cover in glitter
 This one was partially done but you can see around the eyes, nose, and cheek there is a clear white color which is the glue

2. Then you take the glitter and pour it all over the the glued area.


3. Place in home somewhere where you can enjoy it!

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