Baby Shower: April 2011


Practicing Bouquets

The other day was my birthday and I got a TON of flowers. They were all gorgeous but I couldn't resist 'playing' with them. So I decided to pick out certain flowers from each one of my arrangements and make a bridal bouquet. The size of the bouquet would more appropriately be for a bridesmaids. I decided to take all the white and off-white flowers to make a winter themed bouquet. There were white Gerber daisies, roses, two different small filler flowers.

Flowers from my parents.
I took out a few of the white flowers

23 roses from Dino! I used the white roses

Gerbers from my aunt and uncle.
I used the white Gerbers and small white fillers

Flowers to use for the bouquet

Stripping the roses

work in progress

Finished product. Not bad for one of the first
bouquets I have ever made.

Taping the stems together

Unfortunately one of the gerbers broke off
because I did not wire them

View of me holding it

I can't wait to make more bouquets! Maybe I'll make a pink one with the rest of the flowers! Stay tuned...


Christmas 2010

This is way over due. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and great new year. This year my boyfriend and I hosted Christmas eve. It was some what of a challenge since we both had to work until about an hour before ours guests were to arrive. Planning was key to getting everything cooked that I wanted to have. For each dish I made sure that I would not to use the same pot or pan to cook two different things. For the menu we decided on a few different choices. A cheese and meat board was created which allowed for food to be out the entire time while guests coming and did not use any dishes to cook them in. Oysters Rockefeller was prepped a head of time and broiled once everyone arrived. Mini pizza bagels were cooked using our pizza stone. Steamed clams were cooked on the stove top. Shrimp cocktail was also done in advance which helped us keep focus of food that needed to be cooked and kept warm. Finally the bacon wrapped scallops were prepped the day before and placed in the oven once everyone arrived. Everything came out great thanks to my helpful hand in the kitchen (Thank you Dino!) Another thing I did that helps get the food on the plate quickly is deciding and labeling ahead of time what food is going on which platter. I also lay out all of the platters on the table to make sure they fit correctly. To add to my table was a winter floral arrangement I made in a class I took. Sarah Lusardi is the owner of NY Engagements and teaches floral classes to people who are interested in learning how to arrange flowers. Mothers, daughter, and friends attended which made for a really fun night out. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Ella LOVED the grass! I found it chewed up all over the apartment

Our tiny Christmas tree! Check out the handmade stocking I made a few years ago!

The table with all the platters. As you can see I made little signs where each food was suppose to go. And don't worry...The clothes were not there the night of!