Baby Shower: April 2011


Glass Pumpkins

So I had this brilliant idea to take old glass jars and spray paint them to make them look like jack-o-lanterns. I am huge into recycling so I thought this was a good way to get some re-use out of glass jars. Using all different sizes and two different color spray paints I was able to create a little pumpkin patch! Unfortunately...I deleted all of my photos that I took of the process of making them. I was very disappointed and upset with my self for doing so. However it is not difficult to make them yourself! Using masking tape, simply cut out shapes that you want to be protected from the paint (such as the eye, nose, and mouth). After the tape is on the glass, spray away! Let dry for about 30 minutes, peel that tape away, and you have a master piece! To finish them I bought natural colored raffia to tie around the head of the jars. Taaa Daaa!
My Pumpkin Patch!


Some are happy, Some are scary!

My Favorite One!

They're Versatile! I used it as a vase while I had sunflowers from my garden still! Great centerpiece for a Halloween party!

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  1. I love this idea! They look amazing lit up...I think I just might have to try this one :O)