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Past Events

Though I have always been planning parties, it wasn't until I was in 10th grade when I realized that I wanted to become an event planner full time as my career. So starting that year I took photos of all my work to create my portfolio. Over the years it has grown, and grown...anddd grownnn. This blog is to showcase some of my favorite pictures from each event. What I truly love about my photos is the transition from amateur planning to elegant elaborate events. I am still learning and love input about my work so please, any advice, questions, comments are greatly imprecated!

The theme was "Red Hot" so to create more of the reddish tone in the room I decided to get balloons. I thought 100 would cover a good portion of the entire room, however now I know 100 balloons does not go too far. It worked out though becuase the balloons covered all of the dance floor.

This was my Junior Senior Prom 2005 for Rhinebeck High School. I had this great idea to hang gerber daisies upside down. It came out awsome. My mom had such a wonderful time hanging them all (hehe).

These were the table arrangements. We did three gerbers with floating candles. A local candy shop donated red hots (the candies) which we spread around the table and also gave as the favors in little tin cans.
close up of the tables
I think this may be a very long blog since there are much more events and the first one already had 4 pictures! :-) It is just so hard to choose between all the pictures that I have taken.
This was Thankgiving 2005. My aunt as a big thankgiving ever year and I am incharge of the table decor, seating cards and arrangment of guests and all that fun stuff! This year was the year of pumpkins.
I used spider mums and put them inside smaller sized pumpkin .

For the place cards I used real mini pumpkins and used floral wire to twist the paper leaf I created around the stem of the pumpkin. The left over wire I curled around to make it look viney like a real pumpkin.

As much as I wanted to get more done tonight these few pictures have already taken about 30 minutes! Tomorrow night I will be back on with more events!

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