Baby Shower: April 2011


First step in creating the perfect Thanksgiving table

I am super excited about this years Thanksgiving table! If you have looked at my previous events that I have done further down the blog you will know that each year I am in charge of decorating. Since I am not in school this year I have had more time to plan it out and create new things. I am going to line the center of the table with pumpkins and gourds that have been drilled to fit a votive. I am going to do candle light, reds, oranges, yellows, and tans. So for the first step of the table I had to make place mats. I purchased suede from Joann Fabric because the material does not fray when it is cut. This means that I did not have to do any sewing! I saw a leaf template on Martha Stewart but it seemed too small so I used there basic design and created a larger paper template that I traced onto the back side of the suede with permanent maker. After I had them all traced I cut them out. They turned out great! I can't to put them on the table with the rest of the decorations.

Paper Template

Trace the template onto the fabric

Taaa Daaa!!!