Baby Shower: April 2011


Flowers for a Baby Shower

About a month ago I was asked if I could help out with decorations for a baby shower that my friend was throwing. Of course the answer was yes so the ideas started flowing. Nicole is great because she basically said do what ever you want I know it will look great. The one rule was everything had to be pink and brown. The shower was being held at the expecting mothers home so knowing this I wanted to do a variety of different vases.This way, on the day of, you can see which type of vase looks good in different spots since there will be different areas in the house that guests will be socializing. I also did the favors for the guests. I am so not the traditional person when it comes to favor so I suggested she do real flowers in clay pots. This way they last a decently long time. The tag on the favor had two meanings. "Watch me grow" was meant for both the flower and for the baby once she is born. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

bubble bowl

bubble bowl

cylinder vase with burlap and brown roping

top view of cylinder vase

latern vases

another lantern vase

bubble bowl (these ones were my fav!)

bubble bowl

flower favors

I made several banners to hang around the house!