Baby Shower: April 2011


Homemade Stockings Made Easy

About three years ago I saw an idea to make homemade stocking from felt. Felt does not fray so it was a perfect choice of fabric to use since I was going to hand stitch the stocking together. The stocking I made came out really cute so I hang them up every year. This year I wanted to make over sized ones to put presents in. Since most felt paper comes in 8.5x11 I had to go to Joann Fabric to buy it by the yard. I made a template by just sketching the shape of a stocking on large paper till it looked right. Then I cut it out and traced it on the felt. After cutting all of them all out I sewed them together using a sewing machine which a heavy stitch so that it could take the weight of presents I was going to put in them. Once the stocking were complete it was time to decorate them! I decided to do flowers on them by creating colorful petals. Just like the template for the stocking, I drew a petal shape that I liked and then traced it over and over....and over on the felt and then cut it out. To add more dimension to the flowers, each petal got two different colors. I sewed the top petal to the bottom and then glued the entire petal onto the stocking. To finish it off I cut out the first initial of each girl that was going to get a stocking. They came out great! And since they are not traditional Christmas colors I figured they could be used year round to store items in. Hope you enjoy them Isabella, Sophia, Melina, Taylor, and Makenzie!

The template with one of the stockings already traced

Each flower had a different color combination

This was the pile of petals that were sewed together

Sewing the big petal to the little petal

Sewing the stocking together. Once you sew around the edges you turn it inside out to reveal the nice edge

First lay out the petals to create the look the flower before gluing it on

Make sure to put lots of glue!

And press down firmly

Taa Daa!!

This is me holding it up since in the previous picture it has an odd shape


Thanksgiving 2010

This year I had a little more time to put into the decor of our Thanksgiving day table. First I made the place mats that I have previously posted how to make. Then I decided I was going to do gourds lining the table with candles in them. I used my grandfathers drill with a 1 1/2 drill bit on it. I learned the hard way, literally, that some gourds are harder then others which meant it was not easy to drill holes in all of them. I actually split two of them right in half! In the end the table looked awesome. Here are the pictures...Hope you enjoy!

The first set of pumpkins I drilled

Make sure you do this outside because the guts go flying everywhere!

My grandfathers thumb kept getting in the way lol!

This was the easiest to drill. Its a Cheese Pumpkin! and the inside is the prettiest color!

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 I am really dissappointed how these pictures won't go the correct way! When I figure out how to fix it I will. Hope you enjoyed the table....upside down, right side up...