Baby Shower: April 2011


My most recent work

These last two events that I planned and helped out with I absolutely love! The first one was my cousins bridal shower. It was held at Arielle in Rhinebeck. The shower was small and intimate. We had one long table that everyone sat at and the bride sat at the head of the table. I decided to do red as the color scheme because I wanted a dark, rich color. The invitation was red and had an embossed image of a wedding dress. I also added a lacy punch out to the edge of the invitation. For flowers I used white hydrangea that I ordered off of Sam's Club. At first I was extremely hesitant to order them but I decided to go ahead and do it which  I am very happy I did. I also had many candles lining the table. Each person had there own menu that had a lace accent on the top. Finally, I made chocolate covered strawberries that were placed on the dessert spoon of each guest.

Room View. The long table in the middle was for lunch and the table behind it was the cake, gift, and favor table

I placed individual heads of hydrangea in alternating size vases

The table

I made the favors. Each guest got a jar of cookies and a cone of M&Ms. The jars were recycled jars that I frosted designs onto. I made the cones by using large pieces of paper and folding them into rectangular cones
We played several games, one being a crossword puzzle all about the bride
This was actually her idea! She wanted to do the toilet paper bridal gown game!

Table Detail

 This next event was my bosses wedding from when I did my internship. My last semester at school I interned at Full Moon Resort located in Big Indian, N.Y. I learned many things while doing this internship, met a lot of people, and gain a lot of helpful information about the industry. At the same time as I was doing my internship, my boss at Full Moon was also planning her own wedding which she was having at The Moon! That's right, she got married where she works because she is that passionate and loves Full Moon so much. She asked me to come back over the summer to help out the day of her event. In addition to day of assistance I designed and created her reception menus and ceremony programs. They came out great! I am so glad I was given the chance to make them.

Me with the new couple!

The Menu

View of the tent and tables

This was the ceremony program. They were fans which worked out great because it was literally the hottest day of the summer! Each fern was hand stamped onto each program (200 total!) I picked ferns, painted the fern, then pressed them onto the paper.

Each guest had a program waiting for them at their seat

Full Moon puts on quit the spread! Yummy!

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