Baby Shower: April 2011


Green produce bags and Halloween Soup Night

So today I made plans to have some of my family over for dinner. I have been wanting to make soup since I haven't ever made it unless it was in a can. My mom makes wonderful soup so I knew I had the ability in me somewhere! The day started out by going grocery shopping. I am a huge fan of Adams Fairacre Farms. They have numerous locations but the one closest is in Kingston. They have great produce and their employees are knowledable and freindly. The soup was zucchini and bread crumb stoup. It was one of Rachel Ray's recipes. Though I am not a huge fan of hers I found this recipe and thought it looked and sounded delicious! I also loveeee zucchini so I figured I couldn't go wrong. In addition to my soup I had another choice for my guests. My boyfriend made avgolemono soup. It's a Greek lemon soup that he learned how to make from his yaiyai (grandma). It is fabulous! So, at the grocery store I needed to get a lot of ingredients! I recently ordered these new 'green' produce bags that you can wash and reuse instead of using those terrible plastic bags. They worked great! I ordered them from 3B Bags. If you order 4 sets you get the 4th free. So for 12 bags I paid $25 and change which included shipping and handling. Not bad at all! I highly suggest them!

In the bags were apples, parsley, and zucchini. Each packet comes with two 'smaller' bags and one large bag. The small bags are pretty large

It's great because your produce can breath in these bags as opposed to the plastic were they can sweat and get moldy

 So, after I went shopping it was time to come home and start prepping for my guests. On my kitchen table, I had fake glittery candelabras and gourds. So I decided to decorate the table more instead of just leaving it plain. I had purchased cute napkin holders at Pier 1 that are extremely versatile. They will go great with many different occasions. I already had place mats that added a nice detail to the table.

These gourds are going to be reused for Thanksgiving. Wait to see what I am going to create for that table scape!
After I was done decorating it was time to start cooking! Our kitchen is tiny so it was very interesting trying to cook with two people, two different kinds of soup. In addition, I also made grill cheese. In the end everything came out great! Some people like the lemon soup better and some like the vegetable soup more. I will have to say, for my first time making soup I did a pretty good job! Can't wait for my next creation... any suggestions?

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