Baby Shower: April 2011


Practicing Bouquets

The other day was my birthday and I got a TON of flowers. They were all gorgeous but I couldn't resist 'playing' with them. So I decided to pick out certain flowers from each one of my arrangements and make a bridal bouquet. The size of the bouquet would more appropriately be for a bridesmaids. I decided to take all the white and off-white flowers to make a winter themed bouquet. There were white Gerber daisies, roses, two different small filler flowers.

Flowers from my parents.
I took out a few of the white flowers

23 roses from Dino! I used the white roses

Gerbers from my aunt and uncle.
I used the white Gerbers and small white fillers

Flowers to use for the bouquet

Stripping the roses

work in progress

Finished product. Not bad for one of the first
bouquets I have ever made.

Taping the stems together

Unfortunately one of the gerbers broke off
because I did not wire them

View of me holding it

I can't wait to make more bouquets! Maybe I'll make a pink one with the rest of the flowers! Stay tuned...

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