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Thanksgiving 2010

This year I had a little more time to put into the decor of our Thanksgiving day table. First I made the place mats that I have previously posted how to make. Then I decided I was going to do gourds lining the table with candles in them. I used my grandfathers drill with a 1 1/2 drill bit on it. I learned the hard way, literally, that some gourds are harder then others which meant it was not easy to drill holes in all of them. I actually split two of them right in half! In the end the table looked awesome. Here are the pictures...Hope you enjoy!

The first set of pumpkins I drilled

Make sure you do this outside because the guts go flying everywhere!

My grandfathers thumb kept getting in the way lol!

This was the easiest to drill. Its a Cheese Pumpkin! and the inside is the prettiest color!

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 I am really dissappointed how these pictures won't go the correct way! When I figure out how to fix it I will. Hope you enjoyed the table....upside down, right side up...

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